Frequently Asked Questions:

The label on my chewing gum says "Gum Base". How do I know that "Gum Base" is actually plastic and rubber?

If the ingredient list does not use the term "Gum Base (Chicle)", the gum is made with petroleum polymers. This is the FDA's list of approved ingredients to be included under the term "Gum Base":

What about Glee Gum? Don't they use chicle too?

Yes, and no. On Glee Gum packaging they use the language "made with chicle" - which translates to the fact they use roughly %5 chicle, and the rest of the Gum Base is synthetic based. It's the same as other sneaky products saying "made with Organic Ingredients" - sure Organic ingredients are present in the product but the item is not Certified Organic because you can't certify the synthetic chemicals they contain as Organic. Reference the bottom of this article:

"UPDATE: I just spoke with Deborah Schimberg from Glee Gum.  In fact, Glee’s gum base DOES contain polyvinyl acetate in addition to chicle.  They are working on developing an all natural gum base with no synthetics.  But at this point, she says that all gum manufacturers use synthetics in their gum base.  And in fact, there are only a handful of gum base providers and they won’t even provide complete information to the chewing gum manufacturers about ingredients."